Monday, 29 July 2013

The Call of the Festival..

Every summer of our childhood involved a festival. It was part of the holidays, the best kind of camping, in a countryside spot full of music, food, flags, big tops, theatre, and endless play and celebration. It was the place to meet other children (I made a new penpal each summer) and revel in the relaxed and happy grown-ups who relinquished routine and forgot the bedtime hour.  The evening rolling into nighttime was a favourite moment of mine, cosying into big jumpers and seeing the festival all lit up like a magical wonderland.

It's therefore to be expected that now with children of our own, each summer we feel the call of the festival, a pull that we can't resist.  It's with pure excitement in our bohemian bones that we gather and prepare for festival time and let the children discover a new freedom and new experience.

This year, Camp Bestival is our destination, and we are bringing the Sisters Guild Boutique, which makes it even more exciting.

Come by and see us if you're there.



  1. We will be there too! I shall come and say hi! Lou x

  2. I remember those times! You brought me back to all those fun times. Wish I could make it. Have a wonderful time!