Friday, 23 August 2013

Our Favourite Back to School Free Printables

For book lovers and children who love to read late into the night, we love these wise owls which look as though they've been drawn onto feather. Print out onto card stock.
print your free bookmarks here 

Imagine discovering a little pillow box hidden in a pocket or school bag on your first day back at school. I adore the idea of placing a little special something waiting to be found. Though kids would be delighted in finding sweets I'd much rather pick a new scented rubber or pencil topper, hair tie, bracelet, stickers, a classic bouncy ball.
print it free here

If like me the last week of the summer holidays gets busy with organising, sewing labels onto clothes and hunting for new school shoes then you may be on the lookout for things to keep the kids busy.
I love these vibrant fun bingo cards from misstiina for keeping the kids a little busy. Why not print to take out with you as you  drag  take the kids shoe shopping and they can spot numbers as they go 'bingo' everyone's a winner.
print it free here 

It's never too late to journal the holidays and these note cards are perfect for doing just that. Remembering all the things we've done over the summer, the things that made us happy, new places we've seen, new friends we've made and days we'd like to never forget.
They make beautiful note cards to send to friends too.
print yours for free here

With so many wonderful things on this site here's a little something for us big kids too. With its simple words and gird paper these make great inspiring notecards. They'd make great little cards to post to friends and family too, especially those we've enjoyed our summer days with, with a little memory jotted down.... remember the day when we laughed so hard we..... 
I don't think we write as often as we should to friends and family and I know this will inspire me to do it and hopefully you too.
find your's free to print here

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