Friday, 13 September 2013

The House of Fairy Tales

The House of Fairy Tales Kickstarter Campaign

Some of you will have heard of The House of Fairy Tales - the UK based educational arts charity and travelling art circus. Founders and artists Deborah Curtis and Gavin Turk have been bringing their unique events to children since 2006. They bring an interactive, absorbing and educational experience that children will never forget - grown-ups are left wide-eyed with wonder too!

The House of Fairy Tales is about education and play and exploring all those important art forms that need preserving for our children and for future generations. The House of Fairy Tales is about learning through physical connection, space, movement, play, engaging all the senses and using natural materials. It's about endless exploration where anything is possible as long as the imagination is nourished. The House of Fairy Tales truly feeds the imagination.

So what now?

The House of Fairy Tales is setting up a permanent Art School in East London. This will be a school like no other - a huge educational, artistic and phantasmagorical experience that will inspire creativity with puppet theatres, a film studio, a photographic studio, printmaking, ceramics and wardrobe and prop-making spaces. There will be a cinema to show films made by children and a theatre with seating for multi-disciplinary performances and concerts, including lectures and seminars for adults. Not forgetting the tents, structures and vehicles of the Travelling Art Circus and its spectrum of magical activities.

Help make the first term possible...

If you make a PLEDGE HERE you will join an amazing force of artists who are behind the campaign such as Sir Peter Blake, Adam Dant & Rob Ryan and even have a chance to own a piece of their artwork!
Find out about the campaign here....and quickly! There's only until Tuesday 17th September to help make this creative dream for thousands of children possible. 

This is an Arts Charity with an incredible team behind it that are utterly giving and dedicated, so I know every penny donated will be used to turn into something astounding. Just as every scrap of paper, screw, bolt, box, feather and gust of wind is used by The House of Fairy Tales in the most clever and resourceful way to inspire young minds. Be part of it here

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