Monday, 30 September 2013

Monday Makery - Little Lavender Mice

Perfect for keeping moths at bay these adorable lavender filled mice are our new drawer warriors keeping our clothes safe. Simple to make with simple shapes to cut and a simple running stitch this is a great first sewing craft for children. With few materials they're fun and smell delicious. 

Here's what you'll need:
  • cotton fabric
  • needle and embroidery thread
  • string
  • pins
  • beads
  • felt for ears
  • dried lavender. Or if you prefer to make them for toys and play simply stuff them with cotton stuffing. 

Here's how:
  1. Drawing around a cup, saucer or small plate draw a perfect circle onto your fabric and cut out. You don't want your mice too big. These above were just over 11 cm in diameter.
  2. Fold your circle in half and begin sewing a running stitch stopping about a third along the way to put the ears in place.
  3. Cut two pieces of felt in an ear shape making sure they are long enough to tuck inside the fabric.
  4. Secure the ears as you continue sewing along the outer edge until you're almost at the end. 
  5. Fill with lavender and place the end of the string inside to create the tail. Sew all the way to the end and secure with a few extra sticthes.
  6. Add on the eyes with a bead by sewing one either side.  if you sew them at the same time you'll get that pinch that creates a little depth.

The girls thought the thread at the beginning looked liked whiskers so, rather than cutting the thread after the knot off we kept it there, adding another with a few stitches to look like a nose we gave our mice whiskers. 

Happy Making

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