Thursday, 17 October 2013

Wovenplay - for the Everyday Artist & Adventurer.

Wovenplay has arrived at Sisters Guild!

Founded in 2007 only a year after the arrival of my first daughter I feel as though we've grown up alongside Wovenplay. We've loved these pieces of playfulness since the first time our own children refused to ever take them off. Obscuring the line between clothing and costume, it's a collection we've handed down from one child to the next, one dream like adventure to another. 

Katherine Edmunds the founder and designer of Wovenplay creates a line of clothing and accessories for children that manage to successfully combine dressing up costumes and everyday wear in a fun, unique and dreamlike way. An imaginative collection that carries the notion of childhood and its innately imaginative spirit, Wovenplay is about adventure, expression, individuality and fun.

Each pieces is hand sewn, hand dyed, hand printed and finished with such beautiful touches you'd think the fairies had sewn them. Not surprising as Katherine has a background in art, textiles and traditional French dressmaking. Fabrics are coloured in natural or low impact dyes, packaging is recycled or biodegradable and production is fair trade, so though Katherine may not be an actual fairy she's certainly friends with them. 

With a quality of colour and texture and such care to every stitch each fanciful piece of Wovenplay feels as though it belongs to another time, another world. And, indeed they do, made for the world of our children a vibrant world of freedom and imagination, 'for the everyday artist and adventurer.' 

This season introduces a new collection of 'Aventuur' pieces; including the cowboy, pirate and knight, A new collaboration with Jess Brown and playsuits and accessories that'll knock the daydreams back into you.

See the collection here

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