Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Interactive Design & Illustration - Corby Tindersticks Arrives!

The new pieces by the super talent that is Corby Tindersticks are arriving and we couldn't wait to show you them.
With new characters joining the gang who go by the names of Pomelo Perkins, Berty Humbug and Gaston Gary Gledhill (a relation perhaps!), new prints for the wall and two new interactive designs - genius we say! The Interactive Japanese Weather Map and Interactive Road Map reveal there's no end to Carly's vision of worldy wonder. The map of Japan comes with weather symbols and characters to play with as you wish and display as a unique piece of artwork.  The question it for their wall or yours! 

From a Canvas Bag pops out the Road Map of streets and houses and detail to bring smiles of fun, along with vehicles and characters to befriend.  Such detail we've come to know and love by the awesomely talented Carly Gledhill.  Design and illustration created for both kids and adults has never been so fun....and there's something so friendly and familiar about the fabric of felt, the palette of colours as well as the eyes and knowing smiles, that we're drawn back into our childhood world again for a moment to linger.

View the collection here 

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