Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Is It Christmas Yet?

above and below wooden Christmas tree for decorations

The Christmas countdown is almost here and soon children will be squealing with delight opening a door, a pocket, an envelope or little box each morning and with each opened door the answer to 'is it Christmas yet?' is answered with a treat, a surprise or even an invitation to a snowball fight. 

The excited days leading up to Christmas are perhaps my favourite days in the year. The house begins to transform into a winter wonderland with wreaths, candles, decorations and the smell of cinnamon baked biscuits and home made mince pies turn the dark afternoons into something very magical.  
With advents for this year or advents to bring out each year, year after year, there's something for everyone and every style and all advent traditions.

Pixies dressed in their winter outfits with numbered pockets and loops for hiding treats and surprises, chocolate advents thanks to a brilliant collaboration between Maileg Dk and Lindt, a patchwork of fabrics make the advent by Rice Dk complete with 24 brass rings and a scene of winter wonderland by Lapin & Me reveals a host of cuties old and new and vintage chums behind each pretty door as we count down the days, slowly one by one in the expectant waiting and preparations for the festive fun and celebration of Christmas. 
Fill your advent with treats and surprises; wrap up christmas decorations to hang on the tree, invitations for festive games, sleigh bell rides and snowball fights, print colouring pages and dot to dots folded in an envelope to keep children busy, add sweet messages or gingerbread biscuits, make a craft pack to create your own christmas cards and hide inside. The fun of counting down the days is all part of the festive fervour that is Christmas and each day is day to be remembered.

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