Friday, 7 March 2014

Hot Yoga Here We Come

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As winter draws to an end it feels like the body and mind is thawing, loosening and feeling lighter, with the promise of spring.

March for me brings the need to move, to ditch the woollen socks and seek out those cotton layers once again. Reaching into the warmth of the sunlight we go....

Perfectly timed for the close of winter is a weekend retreat that's all about the heat!
A Hot Yoga Weekend - an absolute draw for the pure physical experience and a retreat, an escape from the everyday, and a release from all that makes my shoulders hunch up, including the cold and rain of these past months.

For the Hot Yoga Weekend you can arrive in a splendid Somerset country house, Sparkford Hall, on a Friday evening and awake to embrace 2 days of Hot Yoga,  Meditation, walks in the woodland, fine food and healthy juices, a library and a log fire, and depart on Sunday evening revitalised and ready for the newness of Spring with a healthier energised you.

Yes please, I'm in!

The Hot Yoga Weekend is the first adventure into Somerset for Bikram Yoga Chiswick and Bikram Yoga Surbiton, founded by Helen Currie.  It's the only Hot Yoga Weekend in the UK.

Helen offers instruction for those new to Bikram Yoga and over 15 years of experience to give to those wishing to deepen their practice. Read more here

With a lovely team hosting the weekend, giving those extra details and delicious locally sourced food, it will be an experience for all the senses.

March 28th-30th 2014

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