Saturday, 22 March 2014

Floral Style for Mama

Bring flowers into the home with a burst of floral illustration upon cushions, napkins, storage bowls and notebooks.  With flower-shaped hooks, paper blooms, cake decorations and a vase to display spring stems, flowers are a beautiful way to celebrate.

Mama & Home is a big part of the Sisters Guild adventure, and making a home, being 'the home & heart' is a passion and pleasure.  But one thing we've learnt is the importance of carving out of a little unique place, a space for making, for reading, for lingering (or hiding!).  Fill your space with your own style, your treasures and pressies for YOU!

Our 'For Mama' section is all about things for you, for your mama, your mama-sister, mama-friend.
As it's Mothers Day at the end of March (coinciding with a certain Sisters Birthday!) we are in a celebratory mood and we are giving you 20% off everything 'For Mama'

Use code: LOVEMAMA for 20% off all pieces in the For Mama section.
Code expires Monday 24th Matrch 2014 Midngith GMT.

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