Thursday, 10 April 2014

Easter Hunt - Start Here

With pretty tin eggs to fill with treats and surprises, clues hidden all over the garden, bunnies hopping here, there and over there too, bunny crackers, singing birds and sequin masks and brightly coloured decorations, we can forget the chocolate and cut right to the cake!

Here's some of our (and our children's) favourite picks this Easter:

Easter egg tins to fill with little surprises. Here
Spring flowers as part of this cupcake kit for the most delicious table Here
Fluffy Buffy Bunny. Yes, thats his real name but call him what you will we love him. Here 
Yellow honeycomb paper balls: perfect for decorating both indoors and out, adding some instant colour and a playful fun setting. Hang them from the trees, the washing line, create a burst of colour above the table ready for a feast or in amongst the flowers in the garden - available in lots of colours and 3 different sizes. Find them Here
Melamine tea set - we love this set of cups & saucers for a little-big-grown-up tea party. Throw a blanket on the grass and let the children have their own playful feast together. Here
Yellow stoneware pie dish - whether its for a savoury or a sweet this pie dish will help to show it off at its best... even better if gifting with a homemade yummy of some kind inside! Here
Bunny Crackers - bunnies with bow ties and harlequin jackets! These cracker kits are just as fun to make as they are for the table. Maybe you could hide a clue inside each one as to where a treat is secretly hiding for each guest. Here
Bunny girl - we love these bunny rabbits. Always have and always will. this little bunny girl is a current favourite with her floppy ears and floral undies. Here
Easter egg tins to fill & hide and wait to be discovered. Here
Yellow paper fans - when it comes to decorating for parties and special occasions these fans and paper honeycombs are hard to beat. Hang them here, there and everywhere in as many colours and sizes as you like. Find them Here
Floral Easter egg tins - making great gifts for children and adults these metal tins can be filled with edible treats, a favourite lip balm, tickets for a show, a necklace made lovingly with pasta or a babysitting token for Auntie M. Find them Here and fill however yo wish. 
Bird whistle: A great little gift for young and old. Once filled with water this little whistle chirps a pretty birdsong. Hide amongst the flower and long grass on the Easter hunt as a great chocolate free alternative. Here
Ceramic plate & cup set -  a beautiful surprise to discover on the breakfast table and a perfect gift as an alternative to chocolate. Though you could always hide a chocolate egg inside the cup too! Here
Sequin bunny mask - the perfect Easter dressing up accessory but mostly because its fun. Here. but if sequins aren't your thing try these paper bunny masks Here
Bunny boy - in his farmyard print short and vest and his proud tall ears we can't resist this bunny. Here

Top Image: Rabbit magnetic wallpaper - A great gift for the host (hint hint) and an ongoing obsession with all of us and because we know a bunny's not just for Easter. Here

Discover more Easter ideas here and look out for more Easter treats coming up on the blog.


"I've heard tell that what you imagine sometimes come true."
- Grandpa Joe
- Roald Dahl, Charlie and the chocolate factory.

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