Friday, 11 April 2014

Easter Ideas --> This Way

Turning a lunch into a feast, a garden into a magical wonderland and a Sunday into silliness and celebration just requires a few tricks up your sleeve, or in this case a few free printables and easy crafts at the ready.
Here's some of our favourite finds that bring a touch of glopriumtousness helping to create a memorable Easter Sunday:

Flamingo Egg holders - Be it for breakfast, imagine a table setting of flamingos and swans and daisies ! Or lots of colourful flamingos and swans around the garden as part of the big hunt. We can't wait to put these glorious fun flocks amongst the daisies in our garden.
Glitter cake toppers - a simple diy: cut a bunny shape from card. stick it to a cocktail stick. cover with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Easy.
Bunny Cartons - fill with glitter, confetti, a sweet note, a scrum-diddly-yumptious something and give to someone wonderful.
Pipe cleaner bunny ring - Teach the kids to make these sweet bunny ear rings in six easy moves. It'll beat grandpas chocolate coin behind the ear trick!
Bunny pillow box - a great free printable to fill with treats.
Lacing card chicks - when calm and quiet is required, and lets face it there will be madness, or to keep little hands busy while the Easter Hunt is being prepared these lacing cards will do the trick. Having at the table will make even the most fidgety of kids still.
Bunny ear treat bags - I've used these for themed birthday parties and everyone loved them. with a little ribbon and some little sugar eggs they're great for gifts as well as prizes or a collecting bag along the hunt.
Printable bunting! - Oh yes. Particularly sweet hung along a white picket fence but even along a washing line is beautiful.
Printable cards - I love these vintage style pencil drawings. Adjusting the size of the image when printing means you can create postcards, folded cards, place settings and even staple to string or ribbon for bunting.
Egg balloons - Imagine these scattered across the garden or tied to each chair. We love these.

For more ideas take a look at our  'Easter Hunt - This Way' with our favourite picks for perfect gifts and brilliant craft kits as well as Easter egg tins, decor and soft cuddly bunnies.

Look out for more Easter treats coming soon


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  1. These posts are all SOO beautiful! I have to say, mainly when looking at a sort of 'round up' post type, there's normally only one or two I also like. This post I LOVE and MUST check out ALL of these you've shared!! You ladies are truly gifted! Thanks for sharing ;D