Friday, 30 May 2014

Botanical Blooms & Honeycomb Balls

For celebrations big and small, children's rooms and everyday decor we love bright paper decorations. From honeycomb balls, paper fans, tissue paper pom poms and now pretty paper flowers these decorations effectively and easily and effortlessly transform any space. Combine different colours and sizes or mix shapes for a dramatic and beautiful display. 

Ready to brighten up every house, party, kids bedroom and wedding. Hung up all year round inside either individually, in clusters or strung along like bunting, above a bed in a child's room, a brilliant display above a table, in the hallway or as a centre piece on a table grouped as a central cluster or as a runner peppered with pretty flowers. 
If the weather permits hang them outside for garden parties and weddings, take them along to picnic parties and hang them from low tree branches for an air of festivity........ we can't get enough!

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