Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Les Gambettes - Ready to Wear Vintage

Discovering great design is such a joy. We've been a fan of Les Gambettes since their beginning. Bringing their pieces into our own homes we've loved their colours and classic design. Still very much in love we thought it about time to bring them into Sisters Guild boutique. 

A collection of both childrens and adults furniture that marries both vintage charm and a fresh modern vibrancy through great design, colours and prints.  A nostalgic shape reminiscent of the school desks of our childhood, revisited with the fresh vibrancy of today. Les Gambettes reawaken a classic design shape and bring it to life with pops of colour and pattern. It's vintage but its ready to wear. 

The story behind Les Gambettes is so fitting its easy to believe that it was always going to be...... it begins in the classroom. Two girls met on the school benches and became friends. After graduating they both enter the wortls of fashion and in 2011 they took their love of fashion, of colour, of textiles to begin a new adventure together and Les Gambettes was born. 

Falling head over heels in love with everything about Les Gamebttes, their style, their ethos, their story and their passion shines through in their designs. 

We applaud their vision and celebrate their designs and bring you our very first collection here in the boutique and what better way to begin than with a collection of limited edition designs in collaboration with mini labo.

Take a look at our collection here alongside the collaboration with mini labo who have dressed Suzie and little Suzie in their beautiful 'cache cache' print.

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