Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Welcome The World Of Mini Empire

I’m so happy to be welcoming our newest collection into the guild. A collection of illustrations and playful designs that are treasures to keep and invitations to a world where the familiar meets the imaginative, a world created by Jenny von Döbeln.

With enchantng patterns and rich detail Jenny’s ‘illustrations are distinguished by storytelling’, bridging a world of her own creation with familiar characters there is always a touch of surrealism.

‘Another birdsnest’  an idea of an imaginary home. Inspired by memories of childhood, climbing in trees, and the love of old beautiful architechture.

‘Deep woods’ inspired by the wildlife in the ancient woods of Sweden

‘The pear’ inspired by old folkloric patterns and embroidery

It is designs like these that get me excited about design for children. Designs that give life to imagination, that push its borders and give everlasting memories of the most treasured part of our lives. 

When first I saw the collection I fell. I fell into each picture like Alice down the rabbit hole. Another world on paper and one I knew I wanted for my own childrens’ walls as well as mine. The pictures hung on in our home that we journey into, the ones that will become part of our playful world, and give stories to our imaginations. Treasured and passed down. 

Searching for pieces that uphold our own values we bring this collection of well considered pieces that bring the aesthetic and design we look for for ourselves and give to our own children.

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