Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wednesday Woos the Designer or Architect in you!

You can create something new every day at your own kitchen table...desk, floor or rug! If you harbour secret desires to design, invent and construct, satisfy your inner designer or architect with the wonders of Miller Goodman, Playplax and Rosie Flo

Miller Goodman PlayShapes are made of rubberwood and feel incredible in your hands. This set of 74 shapes allows you to become the master of some stunning creations, characters, creatures, buildings and landscapes.

Playplax is the new Lego in our household. We gather round to slot and stack and create colourful constructions, then sit back and admire. They are a pleasure to play with, way past the kids are in bed!

And for paper and pen creations...
In the world of Rosie Flo heads, arms and legs are missing and it is up to you to add these body parts, along with a rainbow of colour. The posters are big at 54 x 40 cm - you and your budding little designers can create a unique piece of artwork to give as a gift or keep and frame as a memento of your childs' unique imagination.

The Sisters Guild Let's Create section is full of those things that are ideal to have tucked away in a cupboard, ready to pull out and turn a dull day into an inspiring one.

10% off for the rest of february using this code: CREATE

*offer valid on Let's Create category only, until midnight Monday 28th February 2011

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