Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Woo - hop hop hop

It's Wednedsay and we want to woo you with our hop hop hop collection of hand made jewellery from Paris.  We are completely enamoured!

View the hop hop hop collection here

La Creatrice behind the collection is Clementine du Pontavice.  On her travels in Nepal, China, Chile and Bolivia she was inspired by beautiful objects, particulary in the market stalls 'full of pearls and multicoloured bracelets, by the saris, the little bells, and all the woman wearing so many jewels.' Her imagination blossomed and hop hop hop was born - a collection of necklaces, lockets and bracelets.

A locket is a piece of jewellery that speaks of love, celebration and memories.  It's a beautiful way of wearing a secret, a keepsake, a charm or a lock of hair. My husband surprised me at Christmas with the gift of a locket - which was enough to make me flutter - but tucked inside is a perfect blonde curl of my baby boy (who is now 3). It's so lovely to wear - a celebration of 3 years of being a mum and a way to treasure my boys' babyhood.

The lockets come in 3 different sizes, on different chain lengths:
Mini has a 1cm locket on a small chain of 44cm  designed to sit at the collar line.
Moyenne has a 2cm locket on a long chain of 87cm designed to sit below breastline.
Maxi has a 3 cm locket on a long chain of 76cm designed to sit on the breastline.

Discover clouds and birds too, in such beautiful colours. 

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