Thursday, 12 April 2012

'Bunging-in' Baskets!

RICE DK Storage Basket - Florist, £34.80 at
When you have children a huge variety of 'bits' accumulate.  I sometimes wish I could invent a Vacuum Cleaner that sucks up, sorts and stores all these toy bits.  Instead, in each room I have a variety of baskets and boxes that I can 'bung' everything in at the end of the day......ready to be tipped out the next day! They do make each room look colourful, stylish and tidy.

My favourite designs from RICE DK each season are the Raffia Toy Storage Baskets that are house-shaped.  They are big and deep and can be filled with a lot of stuff.  With doors, windows and decoration they can also become part of the imaginative play too!  The above basket is a Florist complete with Raffia flowers in the window and floral fabric awnings. 

Spring-cleaning storage inspiration - more storage ideas here

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