Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I Spy - Tree Hotels and Gypsy Caravans

Perhaps this week I'm getting a little obsessed with the adventures of sleeping in the great outdoors or perhaps because after making our own camps at home I'm looking to venture beyond our sitting room settlements with the children. Either way I'm so excited to have found some beautiful and bizarre places to stay. From tree houses to gypsy caravans from here in the UK to peaceful places in France Spain and Sweden. If you want to step away from busy resorts get closer to nature in beautiful surroundings but don't fancy the usual camping style why not try 'glamping'. Because being wild has never been so tame.

Here's my favourites

The Blue Cone (pictured above) is part of  the 'Tree Hotel' collection, a group of various brilliantly designed tree houses.

Above and below from a selection of incredible styles and places from
This company has everything from tree houses, to yurts to gypsy caravans and so much more and well worth a browse.

So, grab your torches your wellies and a little of your soft and sumptuous home accessories and get a taste of modern day middle class Robinson Crusoe!

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