Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wednesday Woo - Home Away From Home

Long are the days of sleeping in small damp tents feeling claustrophobic and gloomy as we move into an era of 'glamping'. We're a little obsessed with it this week as we camp in our sitting room and regale stories from our youth of wet holidays in Dorset and our modern (and more luxurious versions) we venture on now. I've managed to convince the most camping-phobic person I know (my husband) into a holiday (booking pending) with the children where we'll be the modern day Swiss family Robinson with a few luxie and cozy items from home!

After you've put the kettle on get busy prettying your camp. We recommend bringing along some sumptuous and soft blankets, picnic rugs and cushions. Light, bright and easy to carry storage is always great for keeping storage be it clothes, toys or kitchen pieces you won't regret bringing along some great storage. Candles at night are a beautiful accompaniment to the starlit sky,whilst candleabras make wonderful centre pieces for dining outside. Hang some bunting too inside and out, which not only makes your camp look cheerful but also serves as a great way for kids to spot the camp from a distance or amongst the sea of tents at busy spots. Pick flowers and put them in empty tin cans or hang little pretty embelishments to soften your interior. Tablecloths are great for covering up ugly fold-up chairs and tables and bright melamine cups, plates and tiffin boxes will bring a little rainbow to all your feat.

With wonderful pieces to beautify your home and to take with you when you're home away from home - even if it is only to the back garden!

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