Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday Makery: A Lavender Crown for Sunny Memories

We have recently enjoyed a week in Provence with a group of friends.  We were surrounded by gardens and fields of Lavender under blue sunny skies which made for a stunning combination of scent and colour.  It was truly sublime.  We were mostly idle, but a friend picked some lavender and before our eyes turned it into a beautiful crown.  I watched and learned how simple it is to make, and so pleasing. Read on to find out how....

1.  Gather about 30-50 stems of Lavender - the quantity depends on how wide and dense you would like the crown to be.  If the Lavender bush is within reach then you can pick as you go, and get the children involved too.
2.  Take 3 stems and plait them together to approximately an inch (as per pic 1 below).  This forms the base band onto which you will weave further stems.
3.  Take another stem and lie across the band at the base of the lavender flowers (pic 2).  Loop the stem under and bring it over the top then tightly turn the stem at a right angle to join the other stem lengths (pic 3 & 4).

4.  Repeat with each stem of lavender, gently pushing each flower and stem loop close to the previous one. Curve and manipulate the band into shape as you continue to add.

Tip: it is best to complete the crown the same day as it will dry out overnight and you will lose the flexibility of the stems. 

5.  To join the 2 ends together you will firstly need to trim the ends, then bring the 2 ends together with an overlap and take a few more stems of lavender to bind it together tightly.  And there you have a lavender crown fit for a prince or princess!

When we got back home we made another crown with 2 different types of lavender from our garden...just to prove that English lavender works just as well.  I'm sure other flowers will look lovely too - so do experiment.  Here's hoping for more crafts in the sun!

Send us any pics of your creations or other ideas for flower crafts

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  1. I love this! So much so I think I'll make one to hang it in our bedroom!