Friday, 13 July 2012

Once Upon A Week - Now I Am Six

How I wish time could slow down or just pause a while. Sometimes we are so very busy looking at whats ahead of us, trying to reach the horizon each day that we don't see all that is around us. 
Sessi has just turned six and though for her its as though she's crossed a border into the world of Grown-up-child, (yes it is a place that actually exists) suddenly leaving her little sister behind her it has made me feel as though I need to hold on to time, to slow it down while I catch up.
She has been so busy growing up, learning so very much and I have been busy with, well, life I guess that I haven't noticed so very much all the individual small but so significant changes. More and more the roots of who she is are growing deeper and she is becoming her own person stronger and surer.
She holds ahead of her the opportunities to discover what she wants to become and yet has no reason to think of her future ahead, but only to spend her days in the here, in the right now, in each passing wonderful moment of childhood.
How is it that though she's been growing up for quite some time now I feel as though I am seeing it for the first time. There are certain milestones that make it feel as though our children have suddenly jumped forward into another time in their lives, leaving us wondering where all the time has gone. Turning six certainly feels like a leap into a whole new world of looking back - for me at least.

Measuring Sessi on our family height chart on her birthday morning I realised she is not growing away from what she was but more growing into who she will become now I know that even when her height ceases to grow her growth will never stop, just as I am still growing at 34. I only hope I can hold her the way I do now, that we will always be the way we are now, that we will still go to the swings in the rain and above all I hope that one day she too will feel this feeling when she is a mother and her own daughter turns six.

Our memories lie behind us like a string of lights that follow where we go. I can see them all twinkling when I see her and they shine as bright as the stars in the sky. I am now aware that she will outgrow me so much faster than I will ever outgrow her. But just as we were once joined by the umbilical cord so will we always  be joined by the string of lights. 

"Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again"
- C.S Lewis.

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  1. Beautiful post. I have tears as my oldest will be starting kindergarten this year and turning six soon after. I've really enjoyed each stage and haven't longed for babyhood or toddlerhood as the next stage is so enjoyable (for the most part) also. But as she gets ready for school and excited for what's ahead, I admit that it's my hardest time as a parent so far. She's ready, but I am afraid I am not. How to hold on to these tender times and let her fly on her own while my heart breaks a little...I am not sure of how to do that yet without stifling the beauty of watching her blossom.

  2. I don't have the words to say what I feel about this post. Just beautiful x