Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday Makery - Tissue Paper Flowers

On Sunday 1st July Sessi woke up and was six, just like that. We had been doing a countdown following our birthday traditions, making numbered paper chains, sticking home made lined envelopes on the bedroom door filled with special messages, wishes and notes, we had celebrated Sessi's last day of being 5 and with so much anticipation of the big day the day itself was finally here. As part of the birthday celebrations I had been secretly making giant tissue paper flowers to hang all over the house. Hiding them wherever I could so as not to be seen until her birthday morning.
Birthdays are a big occasion here, and so there is always plenty of decorations and surprises. We hung the birthday bunting across the sitting room and the kitchen was full of cheeky characters from a selection of Japanese paper balloonsThere wasn't a place in the house that wasn't full of colour and joy. 
So, on Sunday Sessi woke up to discover giant flowers filling her bedroom, the sitting room and hung all the way down the hallway. 
I love all their bright colours and the transformation of the home was beautiful.  Two weeks later they are still hanging, only now as requested they are mostly in her bedroom.
As with all our Monday Makeries they are simple to make and they're great for any occasion, be it rich colours at Christmas, co-ordinated party colours, birthdays, Easter or even just to cheer up a room. 

Here's what you'll need:
  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • string

Here's how:
  1. Take your chosen coloured tissue paper and stack a pile of them together one sheet on top of the other. I used 10 sheets for the large flowers and 6 for the smaller ones.
  2. Fold over the shorter edge about an inch and press firmly along the fold. 
  3. Turn over the pile of paper and fold back again another inch. Keep going creating a consertina of folds until you reach the end.
  4. Take a piece of string and tie the folded strip together in the centre to create the centre of the flower.
  5. Cut a curved petal shape at the each end of the paper.
  6. Open up one end creating a fan and then pull up each sheet of paper creating the layers of the flowers.
  7. Do the same for the other end until each fold of paper is opened like petals.
You can vary the size and shapes of each flower by using different lengths of tissue paper, by folding along the shorter or the longer edge, by cutting curved or pointed ends, and by how many layers of tissue paper you use. I made some into fully rounded flower balls and others with a flat back.

You can choose colours to match a theme or all of your favourite colours together. You can layer different colours in the flowers by staking alternate colours together, or create a different coloured centre with a few sheets of stronger colours at the beginning. To hang them from the ceiling I used cotton thread tied around the centre with various lengths then used sticky tape to fix the thread to the ceiling. They look epecially beautiful hanging above the girls beds and they both love going to sleep with a hanging garden above them.

Have fun and Happy Making!

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