Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday Makery - Printed Clay Bowls

Me: What do you think daddy would like for his birthday?
O: Mmmmm. I think he might like a new car.
S: I think he'd like a pink t-shirt.
Me: Well, I don't have enough money to buy him a car and I think he has a few pink t-shirts already. What do you think daddy might like that he could use, that he might find useful.
O: A scooter!
S: He's always losing things, like his phone and his keys and then you have to find them for him. So maybe something that helps him not forget where they are.
Me: Ok, so, he has a scooter.... only I use it all the time so it only seems like mine. He does always lose things how about we make something for him to keep his phone and keys in and then he will always know where they are?
O: I want to make him something for his keys and Sessi can make something for his phone.
Me: What can we use to make them.
O: A bag!
S: Don't be silly Oona. We could use a box but it might be too big. I know, lets make a pot with clay.
Me. If it has a lid on it he might not be able to see whats inside. How about we make him a clay bowl.
O. No. Two clay bowls. One for his keys and one for his phone.

So, that's what we did and here's how.

You'll need:
  • clay: we used air drying but oven baked or even salt dough would work too (see salt dough recipe here)
  • Items to make an imprint in the clay, try lace, thick woolly socks, leaves or flowers.  Look around and see what might leave an interesting pattern
  • rolling pin
  • small bowl and knife to create the template
  • larger bowl to dry in.

Here's how:
  1. roll out your clay onto a large chopping board or greaseproof paper. 
  2. use your imagination to make a pattern from the things you've found. Place them on top of the clay and roll over them with your rolling pin.
  3. take a small bowl and lay it upside down on top of your clay and using a knife cut the clay around the edge of the bowl.
  4. Place your piece flat clay into a larger bowl to give its shape or turn a bowl upside and place on top.
  5. Leave to  dry.
  6. Paint with acrylic paint.

Nothing beats a handmade gift and the girls were so proud to give them to daddy on his birthday morning complete with the full how to too. Though Oona nearly gave the surprise away while they were drying.
They would make a wonderful gift as a set with a theme running through them and they look so pretty. Our's sit on the hall table and, though daddy has only had them a day, he knew where his keys and phone were this  morning. Oh, and I made one for myself too, I used little sprigs of basil, mint, and parsley from my kitchen garden. The bowl sits proudly in the kitchen and I know every time I see it i'll remember a beautiful afternoon  spent with my girls chatting at the table with the feel of clay on our hands.

Happy making

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  1. What a lovely idea - looks so simple, yet really effective!