Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Around the World with YOU: Ellie Hothersall

Today we welcome a member of Sisters Guild who takes us towards the top of this beautiful British Isle and gives us a view we've never seen before:

Ellie says: This is coming down the hill towards Loch Sheil in Western Scotland. I've been coming to this area for nearly 30 years and still feel the magic every time we come over this hill and look out. 

Thank you for showing us your favourite place Ellie.  It must be quite a breathtaking moment on a journey.

Where's YOUR place of joy, of wonder, of family adventure, day or weekend trip, of childhood memories or grown up romance?

Where's YOUR favourite place?  Perhaps it's a local nature spot, a far-flung island, a museum, or cafe. A building in your city, a shop window, a park bench, a glorious view.

•    Send us a picture of your favourite place
•    Tell us where it is. If you'd like to tell us why even better.
•    Email it to : carla@sistersguild.com

Each place will be presented on the blog here and entered into a draw for a £60 Sisters Guild voucher
The draw will take place on 6th November 2012

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