Friday, 14 September 2012

Once upon a week - No Ordinary Day

As I fall asleep on what seems like an ordinary day, I realise our days are not so ordinary at all. The girls are learning so much at school that I cannot keep up. They change, they blossom, they grow every day. Sometimes the change is so fast they're a different person as they fall asleep from when they woke that morning. My own work teaches me new things every day and every day is different. No day is ever ordinary. No day is ever the same despite it following a vague routine. Every day is extraordinary. Sometimes I wonder if we have to be grateful not for what we have but for the fact that we can see it. 

ordinary day pictures top to bottom: Oona splashing in the bath, cuddles with daddy, Oona discovering numbers, breakfast in bed, and yes even my laundry basket makes me happy, seeing all those colours all those days of fun piled up ready for another.  

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