Wednesday, 5 December 2012

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

When do you choose your tree and bring it home? The children have been asking and asking and asking as to when we'll be getting ours. Previously we've (regrettably) chosen our tree and brought it home on the roof of the car all too early in the month and by Christmas day it's lost its glory and all too soon after, it's gone taking with it the feeling it brings to the house.
So this year we're waiting...... just a little longer. 

In the meantime we've been decorating the rest of the home with felt garlands we made here, tissue paper balls (which will stay up all year I think), paper star lanterns and little cut out snowflakes which the girls have stuck to the windows as high up as they can reach.
Each room has been given a little something that feels joyous, festive and fun. The excitement has been building and we've been having so many friends to play it almost feels like a winter wonderland!

Here's a few of our favourite alternative Christmas trees for a little festive inspiration. I love this one above especially as it could be so simple to make. I like the idea of one hanging above the kitchen table  with little hanging edibles, like foiled chocolate father Christmas's or reindeer and little wrapped cookies with colourful ribbons.

This one is perhaps my favourite of all. I wonder if I can collect enough bits and pieces to make one in time.

Above and below pictures via pinterest with Christmas trees made with brown paper and cupcake cases. These are such simple ideas done really well. We've previously done versions of both as I love the idea of adding further 'Christmas Tree's' around the home, decorating the kitchen and bedrooms with simple ideas like these just make the festivities so much more fun. The cupcake cases tree below could go anywhere and for us its our big kitchen window.

Above and below images again via pinterest. I'm sure I've got a stack of lollipop sticks somewhere to have a go at the one above and I'm absolutely going to have a go at making a hanging fabric version like the one below. I love the idea that we can hang it each year and it's great for small spaces too. Perhaps in the girls bedroom where a nightlight will make it twinkle and sparkle as they fall asleep.

There's so much choice when it comes to trying out an alternative Christmas tree, from artificial ones in practically any colour you can imagine to MDF flat packed, wall stickers or even arranging your books on your bookshelves to create a triangular outline of green. Though I cannot imagine Christmas without the big traditional tree in all its glory with its wonderful smell, I really hate the waiting to decorate for fear of the tree not lasting the season. So these will quench my festive thirst. 
So, whilst our living area will wait until we've done our wellied chilly hunt for the perfect big traditional tree the rest of the house receives our creative attention.
I've always wished I can could have a Christmas tree in every room and now with a little inspiration and creativity I can!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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