Saturday, 1 December 2012

Number 1 - What's inside?

Printable Advent City how much I love you!

It's the first day of advent and here's our gift to you.

If you don't have an advent yet why not try this one from Mr Printables. We quite fancy adding one to each pocket of our advent, building up to a whole Christmas street. You can print it off in colour or black and white so children can add their own colours and decorate to their hearts content. Put secret messages or treats inside before sealing the last edge, thread them like giant beads to make a garland,  you could even hang them from fairy lights, or just have fun arranging your very own advent village where 'every house has a story'. I can't wait for my children to get there hands on this!

Thank you to Mr P for letting us share this with all of you. When we first saw it we knew we had to share it with you as well as including it in our childrens advents at home.  Now CLICK HERE to go and get your free printable advent street. Believe me once you've seen the site you'll be stocking up on printer ink to satiate your appetite for all things Mr Printable

Proud and happy feet standing in Christmas Street. So now to decorate the tree! Glitter and glue here we come! 

Happy Making


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