Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday Makery - Easy Dress Up Ears

This was supposed to be a secret makery kept quiet from the kids saved for a fun advent calender filler, but it didn't end up that way at all! With very little materials making these animal ear hairclips for the girls were so simple, quick and fun.
We began with bears ears and little kitten ears with a pink bow. When I find some mini bells I'll add those to the kitten ears too. But for now they'll stay as they are. The girls had so much fun with them and have suggested we make bunny, reindeer (I did manage to make these ones already secretly from their eyes and have stashed for the advent) dalmatian (quite an obsession with little Oona) foxes and leopard ears too. Thankfully they're inexpensive to make and take 10 minutes.

Here's what you'll need:
  • faux fur fabric, felt, 
  • card for template
  • needle and thread
  • hair-clips

Here's how:
  1. Begin by drawing a template (see pic above) cut out and use it to draw your cutting outline on the back of your fabrics.
  2. Cut out the fabric shapes and lie one on top of the other so that the top of the fabric is facing in.
  3. Sew around the edge leaving a turning hole along the bottom
  4. Turn the ears the right way out and pinch the bottom together. Sew the bottom together in a fold. 
  5. Now take a hair-clip and with the slimmer end facing away towards the back of the ear open the clip up and sew the ears onto the upper part. I used embroidery thread for this to make it feel more secure.
That's it. Simple and ears-y! The fabric for both ears cost me less than £1.40 and the hair-clips were from a stash of the girls own collection. I've enough fabric to make another 2 pairs and a stack of more colours to get sewn too. I'm going to make some more with pretty ditsy floral fabrics. Oh, and for the reindeer ones; I drew and cut a simple antler template, cut 4 pieces of coloured felt and lined it with a sheet of wadding to give them a fuller look. (I'll add pictures later when the girls have opened their advent) 
They're great for some simple fun, and a dressing up box can never be too full!

I might even make a whole batch for Christmas day so we can all have silly ears with our silly Christmas hats!

Happy Making

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