Sunday, 10 March 2013

Everyday is Mothers Day

Thank you for all your messages since this last post about our Mama. Her strength of spirit is shining through and soon we will be all together at home surrounded by flowers and chatter and our hearts full of love.

To all Mamas and their Mamas and Mamas before them, and all Mamas-to-be too...

Maternite, Chagall

Much Love on Mothers Day and always.  
Everyday as a Mother is a celebration of life.

For our Mama who is....
a woman who makes magic. She is the comforting shawl that keeps me warm, who turns matchboxes into miniature chests of drawers for dolls houses, who can turn tears into laughter and a rainy day into one of the brightest days I can remember. She is the smell of Nivea hand cream, the sound of 3 silver bangles joined together that make music as she moves. She is my friend, my mentor, my constant inspiration, a woman worthy of words i will never be able to find. A woman i admire and can only hope to have inherited part of her strength, her beauty, her sense of adventure and zest for life. She not only gave me the person I am but she gave me you too. She gave me my sisters my brother my untangled love and friendship that is our family, and even though I mother her now it is because she has taught me.  


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