Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mother. Mum. Mummy. Mom. Mama. Marvel

When I planned a Mothers Day blog series, our Mama was well.  Carrying, marching, making, caring and being the leader of our family. Our Mama is and does everything.  Energy, independence and resourcefulness is what she is.  Without any reservation or hesitation, she gives.

A few weeks ago we 3 sisters became Mamas carers.  The roles have reversed so fast and now our Mama needs mothering.  All the love she has given is flowing back to her from friends and family.  It is our turn to feed her nutritious meals, make sure she's comfortable, fluff her pillows, plait her hair and bring her flowers.  It is our turn to hold her hand and hide our worries. It is our turn to stand tall.

Three Trees Quilt

Mama has made 4 children and in turn 6 grandchildren.  Hers is a body to be celebrated, for sure.  But her body has aged, as bodies do.  The reproductive part of her body has fulfilled its role and is now ill and causing pain.  Tomorrow we will take her to hospital for an operation. A 'procedure' that marks, in a way, the end of the youth of her body. We will nurse her through the recovery and see her back to health again, just as the first blossom, in the knowledge that this part of her journey of Motherhood is fragile. We will cherish and celebrate each moment, as each new season.

So, here I divert from the planned 'Mothers Day Goodies' blog series and invite you to celebrate Motherhood with us - in all its' joy, beauty, pain and magnificence. Motherhood IS magnificent.

The Heart Tree

Mamas are the true heroes, the makers, the marvels, the daily inventors, the force that makes this world so let's celebrate everyday, not just on Mothers Day.

B x


  1. Really sorry to read this, hope your mama makes a full recovery. I've been reading your blog a while now, discovered your shop via Bambino Goodies and made my first baby purchase with you when I was pregnant (Aden+Anais muslins of course!). Take care.

  2. Hi Katherine. Lovely to here you discovered us when you were pregnant. Thank you for the well wishes. All is good. Us Mamas have find strength sometimes like we've never had to before huh! x

  3. My Mum is the one who gives me inspiration always. She's taught me so many things I will pass on to my own kids. Flowers and gifts never feel enough to express my gratitude, so I hope she knows how thankful I am. Jx

  4. Wishing you and your mum a good recovery and an extra special mothers day. Love your blog. Always an inspiring place to pop by. Sam

  5. What a beautiful, sad yet uplifting and warming story. I totally feel the same and I'm glad to hear other people have steered away from commercialising mother's day. Your story sums up beautifully what it is all about. Sounds like your Mama is in good hands, she raised her children well. Wish you strength and a wonderful intimate extra special Mother's Day. X Lianne (The Pippa & Ike Show)

    1. Thank you Lianne. Your comment really touched us. Hope you have had a lovely Sunday. x

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  7. I am so sorry to hear that your Mama is unwell. Sending my love and positive thoughts for a full recovery with few tears x x x


  8. This comment was somehow removed. So, I write it again word for word because, for me, it is the hug I left, the immediate emotional reaction to this day and in that a part of the day that was. A day I shan't forget and a day that each day since only makes me more grateful for my mother, my friend, the magical matriarch of our family.

    I have a mother much like yours shared with 2 sisters and a brother. A woman who makes magic. She is the comforting shawl that keeps me warm , Who turns matchboxes into miniature chests of drawers for dolls houses, who can turn tears into laughter and a rainy day into one of the brightest days I can remember. She is the smell of Nivea hand cream, the sound of 3 silver bangles joined together that make music as she moves. She is my friend, my mentor, my constant inspiration, a woman worthy of words i will never be able to find. A woman i admire and can only hope to have inherited part of her strength, her beauty, her sense of adventure and zest for life. She not only gave me the person I am but she gave me you too. She gave me my sisters my brother my untangled love and friendship that is our family, and even though I mother her now it is because she has taught me.