Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tuesday's Child

Hucklebones Spring / Summer 2013

On a Summer Breeze

Like Tuesdays child the Hucklebones girl is full of grace. She explores the world around her with curiosity and wonder as she takes in the sights and sounds of summer. Spring / Summer 2013 takes inspiration from the elegant beauty found in nature. The soft warm breeze on a sun drenched day, the lightness of a dandelion-seed being carried high, the ruffle of a feather or turn of a pinwheel. 

The seasonal print evokes this mood depicting the sweep of starlings as they dance through the evening sky. Gusts of petals waltz across silken dresses and pop coloured blossoms are thrown merrily into the dance. 'On a Summer Breeze' celebrates that wonderful lightness that not only lifts the mood but puts a spring in our step as the season moves into summer.

Come take a closer look at the collection here.

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