Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Mama's In The Kitchen

Perhaps it's the time of year, maybe because I've been asked for ideas for Mothers day gifts as well as looking for something for my own but lately I've been pouring over recipe books, looking for that ever trusted collection of recipes to add to my kitchen reportoire and I have to share my 2 favourite books I'm adding to my already bursting shelves as well as my favourite kitchen pieces I just have to add to my wish list this mothers day.

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The first is The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo (pictured above) Likened to Amelie by Elizabeth Day of wrote in the Observer last summer ' an idealised version of what we imagine an English girl living in Paris might be like. Think of a cross between Amélie and an excitable Lizzy Bennet.' I've had my eye on this book for a little while now and having fallen in love with her style, I'm excited about trying her recipes. Check out her beautiful website and blog here or some clips via youtube of Rachel's tv series with the BBC: 

The second is Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard. A New York Times best-seller is promising to be a good read. 'I slept with my French husband halfway through our first date' - the first line to this book which is part memoir, part recipe book and very much a love story it's a tale of falling in love, with someone, with food and of course Paris.

Though not the most amazing cook, I do aspire to be (better at least), and I do throw myself into it with a passion and one thing life has taught me is you don't have to be a great chef to bring out the best in a dish, its about an appreciation of food, its fresh unprocessed flavours, food that the whole family can enjoy. Its the passion for cooking and quite often the passion comes from those things around me, the things that inspire me, the things that make cooking fun, a new recipe to try, colours, that big platter just begging to be piled high with deliciousness that makes me wanna grab my measuring ducks and spice tin, besides isn't it a whole lot easier to put your heart into something if it has a little and oh so colourful soul.

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