Friday, 8 May 2015

Light Up My Life

Nostalgic and poetic, molecular and architectural, stars, pineapples and baby bunnies. Lighting is a great way to create different areas and separate, subdivide or anchor particular spaces or to accentuate a favourite spot. 

Desk lights and task lights sat upon a stack of book on a side table, used in the home office or as an alternative bedside lamp. Lights for creating a cosy atmospheric reading nook with a big comfy chair.
Sculptural lights that intrigue the eye with their architectural shapes and industrial edge make big impacts in all sizes of rooms; hung low above a side table, central above a kitchen island or taking centre stage in the main room.

Our small but perfectly curated collection of lighting is growing ever bigger as we fall in love with new designs and discover more of the great designers across the globe. The lighting area of the shop has now been given a proud place of its own showing off all the great styles, functionality and beauty of each design.

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