Wednesday, 20 May 2015

New! Geometrical Love

Wallpaper adds a great touch of colour to any room and a little strip of wallpaper adds a wonderful focal point to any room, but when its also magnetic... then the fun really begins. 
These new Geometric designs are the latest creations that form a fantastic collection of magnetic wallpapers. Three new arrivals in three beautiful colours each available in 2 different sizes we’re utterly in love with their natural hues and vibrant edge and thrilled to announce ‘they’re here!’ 

Each kaleidoscopic roll measures 265 cm in height (or length depending on how you like it!) and is printed with shades of blues, of reds or greens. Their natural colours soften the geometrical angles whilst their colours seem to shimmer like dappled sunlight. 
Available in 2 widths you can choose the impact by size as well as colour and place. We love these colours in childrens rooms above a desk or by the bed in easy to reach places to stick favourite pictures and photos and little notes, in studies & hallways-turned-home-office for those endless ‘to-do’s’ and constant inspiration, in kitchens for favourite recipes, shopping lists, little love notes, and photos and along the hallway to catch the pieces of proud artwork brought home from school and photos of favourite faces. 

Take a look at all the magnetic wallpaper designs here

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