Friday, 16 September 2011

Once Upon a Week: Does the baby know it's in your tummy?

My son has been full of questions this week as we all went to my first scan and saw 'the baby' for the first time.  It was an exciting moment for us all and we giggled at the fact that the baby was on his/her head and showing us his/her bottom! It took some time for the Sonographer to jiggle the baby into the right position and Gabe soon lost interest and wanted to play with the toys.

It was the next day that Gabe started asking lots of questions:  Can the baby hear me? Yes, and the baby will love hearing your voice.  Does the baby know it's in your tummy?  Yes, I think so. And, of course he is asking But when will the baby come?  To which it is lovely to answer that first there will be autumn when the trees shed their leaves and then it will be winter when it's cold and snowy and you will have your 4th birthday, and when the trees start growing new leaves, that is when the baby will come. It will be Spring.
Gabe is happy with this answer, probably beacuse I've reminded him of his birthday!  I will have to wait for the inevitable questions of how did the baby get there and how does the baby come out?  (Sis, I shall be consulting you on this as I'm sure Sessi was extra inquisitive about Oona!).

In the meantime we are enjoying sitting together on the sofa feeling close and sharing the wonder of 'mummy growing a baby.'

It's a whole new experience when you're having your second isn't it?

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  1. I guess I am the last person on earth who gets the news but BIG CONGRATU:LATIONS!!!

    marmite boy is getting a little sister or brother... so exciting and YES... this is a whole new expercience with No2.

    I am very happy for you and I hope you feel good!

    Happy week end and looking forward to some belly updates :)

  2. Thank you Peggy. This is the first time I have 'gone public' with the news! Has been hard to keep quiet for 3 months, but so happy now we've had the scan and it's real!! xx

  3. Honey congratulations!!!!! What a beautiful post and gorgeous news! xxx Chloe

  4. Fab news! Many congratulations, lovely. x

  5. Fantastic news - congratulations! Babies everywhere yay! All the best for you for the coming exciting weeks!
    PS: It's great to have two - my #2 is three months old now and I already can't remember what life was like without him...

  6. Congratulations Bekka! Sounds like he is on the right track already x