Friday, 30 September 2011

Once Upon a Week: Rapture

Sometimes beauty sneaks up on you and makes you feel that rare feeling of pure rapture.  This week there has been an unusual low tide on Brighton beach that revealed a vast expanse of sand with wide seawater pools.  The beach was full of people parading the sand at sunset, like an exodus to witness this Indian Summers' final offering of warmth.  People were shedding layers of clothes and splashing into the sea, lost in the moment of joy.

There were many families out late, like us, forgetting the routine of dinner, bath and bed, forgetting calls of duty and domesticity.  We saw many faces glowing with smiles as the sun went down - parents looking at their children with a new serenity.

Gabe splashed, paddled, whooped, giggled and felt free.  I stood and held my pregnant belly, breathing in this beautiful moment.

Thank you Brighton for such magic.

This is a new series - Once Upon a Week - where we give you a glimpse into the lives and times behind the scenes of Sisters Guild.

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