Friday, 2 September 2011

An A-Z of Sisters Guild - Z

....................................A Zillion  Kisses

We couldn't or wouldn't let our A-Z of Sisters Guild go by without a big, huge, gigantic, massive, enormous, humongous  vast, and monumental thank you to all of you wonderful, inspiring, brilliant, encouraging, thoughtful and hilarious people who have kept us going on our adventure this past 11 months with all your commentary and chatter spaced within its 140 character allowance. We couldn't nor would we have wished to have done it without you:

line 1:
@thatkat, @nataliemlue, @bambinogoodies, @babystylefile, @babyccinokids, @ChicLittleBaby,@loveitiloveit, @OlliElla, @pauletpaula, @shak_shuka,
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@TheWickedMama, @LaPetiteMag, @damselflye, @sweetknittwit, @RedTedArt@LettieBelle@Hucklebones, @lucydavies, @violetposy, @supernatbblack,
line 3:
@poppyvalentine@reddskingyal, @urbanmumslondon@hello_madeinme, @molly_meg, @poppynorton, @mumrablog, @zoesee@ScandinavianMum, @belleandboo,
line 4:
@lattesandjuice, @babyjungleblog, @the_landofme, @nurturestore, @bobochoses, @PirouetteBlog,  @petitapetitblog @mama_magazine @AnorakMagazine@babieKinsMag,
line 5:
@FLUKE_Kids, @mini_mcghee@waddlerclothing@ilovegorgeousuk, @thisismarmite, @sissyandmarley, @BabyBoltholes, @mydaddycooks@TootsaMacGinty, @SuperAmazingMum
line 6:
@becaboop@lottiefrank, @serendipitySt, @MaverickBaby @angelsurchins@petitecokids@ebabeelikes, @plus2point4, @JuniorMagazine@littlestylebook,
line 7:
@lovedbyparents@makedomum@mummytips, @missielizzieb, @chloeowens, @orkneycampers , @zidzidkids, @twobecomefour, @BBCWomansHour, @paumes
line 8:
@itscloudcuckoo, @StAnnsWellHove, @kenziepoo, @adenandanais, @AllAbroadBaby, @BloesemBlog, @chldfriendlybtn, ,  @BathBabyShow@theTWMum@smilinglikesuns
line 9:
@coosandahhs, @lmnopmagazine , @AstridCarter , @menschenskind08@lilmagoolie , @mamagreen@ohdeedoh ,@kateagreen@lollibopUK, @RICE_dk

Because you give a little love and it all comes back to you.


This is the last in the series of our 'An A-Z of Sisters Guild published every Friday. See also A is for adventure, B is for bedtime, C is for colour, D is for discovery, E is for exuberance, F is for Feminine, G is for glorious, H is for home , I is for imaginative , J is for Joie de Vivre, K is for kin  ,L is for Love , M is for Maternal , N is for Nurture  O is for Oneiric , P is for Play , Q is for Quirky , R is for Restful, , S is for Style, T is for Twitter, U is for Unique ,V is for Vide ,W is for Wonder, X is for Xanadu and Y is for Yesteryear.

We also publish other series in our blog including our Monday Makery, Tuesday brings 'The  Story Behind Our Collections' inviting you to take a closer look at the designers we house and why we chose them for the Sisters Guild boutique.  Wednesday we show you our favourite seasonal pieces and Thursdays is dedicated to the 'Art of Living' in which we share ideas and inspiration from places to visit, things to see and articles about things that enrich our lives.


  1. you people are hilarious!!!
    Thank you, that is very sweet and I like the song here... hehe...

    big kiss and happy week end!

  2. Thanks Peggy. A song we have sung in our family for the past 25 years at least! So much love & thanks. Enjoy your weekend xxx

  3. How cool is that, one of my favourite films from childhood and today is the day I lost my brother in Afghanistan 5 years ago. So a huge Thanks to you all as we loved Bugsy xxx

  4. Ah, I love that song too. So happy. You've set me up for the day, thanks Bekka & Carla!
    How you find time to write such an amazing blog on top of everything else is a mystery. Thanks and lots of love to the pair of you. x

  5. You're very welcome! And here's to another wonderful year for you!

  6. Have loved having you around this last year. You both are a source of light and inspiration. Thank you for including me x

  7. Thanks Kat, We have appreciated all your support and encouragement from the very start. You have helped us more than you know x