Friday, 4 March 2011

An A-Z of Sisters Guild - A

adventure/ad venc̸hər, əd-noun 1a an undertaking involving danger, risks, and uncertainty of outcome. b an exciting or remarkable experience.
adventure: verb trans to venture or risk > verb intrans 1 (usu + into/on/upon) to dare to go, undertake, or enter. 2 to take a risk.

because everyday is an advenrture

B: Hey sis remember when we used to go on expeditions and how we thought we could walk for miles and get to other lands.
C: Yeh, and then only make it to the next field and start on our jam sandwiches already...
B: And then get distracted by butterflies.
C: Or boys!

We ask our children: What kind of adventure would you like to go on?

Sophia : I'd like to go all the way to the moon and when we get there we can collect moon aliens.
Oona: Scooter. Moooooon.

Gabe: In a really big boat to find some monkeys.

What kind of adventure would you like?

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