Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday Makery - The Land of Me

The Land of Me is an interactive and educational programme for ages 2-6, which we shall be reviewing in full forthwith!  In the meantime we can show you all the crafts and activities which are part of each section of the DVD-Rom, and have been the main 'makery' of the weekend.

Both London & Brighton households of Sisters Guild have been gripped by the charm of the 3 adventurers Buddy Boo, Eric & Willow who are now officially part of our family!

The Land of Me has been Gabriel's first encounter with a computer and he was very excited to discover that we could print out Buddy Boo (his favourite) and 'all kinds of things' (jumping up and down).

I feel that the printable side of The Land of Me is very important as it provides something physical to create and play with beyond the screen.

Using all the printables means the story of Buddy Boo, Eric, Willow and friends can be taken to another level as they are introduced to a whole array of other playthings and new adventures ensue.

Gabe's imagination was truly sparked and he led the way with acting out lots of stories. It was great to watch and hear all the scenarios and conversations Gabe created with the characters and creatures.

All you need are scissors, colouring-in pens, pencils or paint, and some glue.  There's finger puppets of all the characters and creatures, a Buddy Boo Windmill, an Eric Castle, aWillow Teepee, vehicles, a matching pairs game, hats, masks, dioramas, story dice, flick books...and a map. Every child (and adult) loves a map!

The Land of Me provides great materials for creating and learning with your child, and it's fun too! Gabe's Dad had to go to work today in character - 'be Buddy Boo Daddy' - and we have used the map around the home this morning to discover new lands. We all know how a chair, a sofa plus a big sheet can become something amazing - it's all about the imagination!

Tip: Print all the Land of Me things onto thick paper - they will be played with a lot!

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