Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday Makery - Glovelies

A pair of gloves don't always make it through the winter together. Even if they do manage to survive the winter in a pair and have not been forgotton on a bus or dropped in the park, some have become rather tatty and holey. These loveable woolly creatures are born from those lonely, outgrown and tatty gloves. They make such quirky fun and fabulous creatures and are easy to create. Fill them with stuffing and add a face by sewing on buttons, felt, ric-rac and scraps of fabric. Little ones will love to create these rather odd looking cuddlies and the best part is the creatures look all the better for imperfection.

  • Old gloves
  • Stuffing
  • Needle - a needle used for wool is best as they're larger and less sharp
  • Thread
  • Buttons, beads, ric-rac, ribbons, felt, pom poms -whatever you can find

Here's how:
  1. Once you've decided what shape you'd like your creature to take (you can use the fingers as antenaes, ears or turn the glove the other way and use the fingers as legs or tentacles) Fold in the thumb and fingers that are not needed and stitch across the openings.
  2. Stuff the glove to give your creature its shape choosing to fill the ears (fingers) or leave them empty so they are 'floppy'.
  3. Sew the last seam together so that the opening for the hand is closed.
  4. Finish off the creature by giving it button eyes and noses, add sequins for sparkle and ric-rac smiles. Sew a bow on an ear for a girly touch, fold down one of the ears and fix it with a stitch for a playful pup.

* You can use glue rather than sewing if you prefer. There are some good fabric glues available in department stores and craft shops.

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