Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Wednesday Woo Wishes

The joy of spring is in the air and the sisters households have been busy.  There have been birthday parties,  lots of work behind the scenes of the shop, new stock arriving and parcels now being delivered across the world!

We are very passionate about all the collections we stock in the boutique and this is expressed in our series of posts about The Story Behind Our Collections.  We do squeal with delight when new stock arrives and get excited again when we have the chance to beautifully wrap the parcels oursleves and send them on their way  for customers to enjoy.  We often say ' Oh, what a lovely order, I'd love to receive that parcel'!  So we thought we'd take the opportunity to pick some of our favourite pieces, the things that make us smile, the things that we would love to receive!

Carla loves...

My Favourite Place Pillow by Lucky Boy Sunday.  This beautiful cushion is made of baby alpaca and it is very soft and just the right size to hug. I would have to put this on my favourite chair, just where it catches the morning light, and relax with my mug of tea....on Sunday of course!
Fabric Cakes in a Box by Maileg.  This is the kind of thing I would give my daughter but secretly desire for myself.  A patisserie box of fabric cakes with beautiful detail. They would, of course, end up in various places round the house adding charm wherever they lay.
Sophia (S) has become fascinated with family members and how we are all connected.  This Family Tree Poster by Belle & Boo is a beautiful way to display the family as a tree, with spaces for photos hanging from the branches.
When we discovered the Renaissance Life jewellery we loved how heavy and solid the pieces are. They are so amazing to hold and you honestly feel a certain allure when you wear them. This Year 1952 Secret Heart has a drawer to keep something safe inside. I would keep a piece of paper with a secret wish ....although S would say 'Tell me, tell me mummy, whisper it to me...'
Edition Paumes books from Japan are, quite frankly, a visual treat.  Full of inspiring pictures, the title 'The Parents Love-Chiselled Gifts for Their Tiny Ones' is about the wonderful gifts creative parents have made for their children. It's very magical and heartwarming.
Love Mae wall stickers are not only designed for children. They are wall art, interior decoration AND fun to play with.  The Dress-Up Dolls set is a man and a woman (boyfriend and girlfriend for sure) with a selection of rather enviable clothes, hairstyles and a pet cat. Really very cool.

    Bekka loves...

    The Rice Dk boxes are covered in fabric with the most beautiful embroidery. Stunning.  But there's more...when you open the ribbon tie and look inside there's a lovely contrasting fabric surprise. These are treasure boxes for Mamas.  I would keep all my collectables in here and enjoy the pleasure each time I open it.
    My son loves to gaze at pictures of his girl cousins and these Cherry Photo Frames by Rice DK would be the perfect way to display the rosy-cheeked faces of his four favourite girls. And they'd add a bit of pretty to his bedroom too!
    I could pore over Paumes books for hours, dreaming of creative interiors.  The title Finland Family Style allows me to peep into Nordic homes and admire the individual style. They are child-friendly homes too...even more inspiring!
    This Rice DK Velvet Clutch Bag I have very recently been lucky enough to hold. It's one of those things that you want to hold to your chest and adore. There's velvet, crochet, floral prints, gingham, sequins and gold trim - now that's a fancy bird! 
    The colour of this hop hop hop locket is a shade of green I am always drawn to. The enamel finish and gold chain really works with this colour. So fresh and vibrant.  A colour to wear and feel full of vitality.
    More of my favourite colours are on this candle-holder. It is beautifully hand-painted as what you'd expect from Rice DK and has a really pleasing round shape. An object that would definitely always make me smile.

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    1. love this post, really great to see your pics and the background info... makes me wanna shop :)
      Happy day sisters and I hope Carla had a great day yesterday!