Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wednesday: Wooing Mama!

Mama needs some wooing, not just for Mother's Day but always.
Here are some gifts for Mum, Mummy, Mother, Mama.
Mama loves...

Beautiful gifts for Mama to make her feel adored.  Jewellery by hop hop hop and Renaissance Life has so much charm - necklaces and bracelets to make Mama gasp with delight. Mama loves pretty....

Hand-painted metal candle holders by Rice DK £21.50
Mini nuage bracelet in powder pink by hop hop hop £39
Fabric photo frame by Rice DK £6.50
Year 1983 Swedish Russian Doll Necklace by Renaissance Life £119
Mini Mcghee Blanket with Vintage Bag £56
Fabric Flower Embroidered Box £44.50
My Favourite Spot in Spring Cushion by Belle & Boo £42

Home is surely the domain of Mama, a sanctuary, an expression of herself and her family.
Home is a place to make your nest, a place to gather friends and entertain, a place to surround yourself with favourite things that inspire and bring joy. Some gifts for a home-loving Mama...

Bureaux a la maison (home offices), book by PAUMES £20.40
Children's Rooms Paris, book by PAUMES £20.40
Ava's Tea Party mounted print by Belle & Boo £61.50
Tea Time Wall Sticker by Love Mae £55.00
Favourite Place Pillow by Lucky Boy Sunday £43
Leila Lou Linen Vintage-Inspired Dolls £18.50 each
Embroidered Napkins by Rice DK £5.30 each

We all have a creative side, or at least a desire to make. These are things for a mama who love to make, whether that's baking, knitting, sewing or other absorbing crafts.

Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutters £3
Melamine Mixing Bowls with Lids - set of 4 by Rice DK £34

A colourful piece, especially by our favourite homeware designers Rice DK, really does make us smile and sing.  A cushion to entice you to your armchair, a blanket to spread out, sprawl and read upon, a candelabra to make a enchanting centerpiece, clothes hangers that add even more colour to your wardrobe space, a bright and happy purse....and a velvet bird that is actually a clutch bag, in Turquoise, divine!  Mama loves colour...

There's so many things that Mama loves...
Pass this on with a hint to those that need to know!

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