Friday, 18 March 2011

An A-Z of Sisters Guild - C

colour (NAmer color) /'kulə/ noun 1 a visual sensation, eg of redness, blueness, etc, caused by the wavelength of preceived light. 2 a hue, e.g. red or blue, or such hues in general, esp as opposed to black, white, and grey.
colour (NAmer color) verb trans 1a to give colour to (something). b to change the colour of (something). 2a to misrepresent or distort (something). b to influence or effect (something).

Sessi: Imagine if all the world was pink. It wouldn't be very interesting would it.

C: Oona what colour are your wellies?
Oona: Red!
C: What colour is the sky?
Oona: Red!
C: What colour is the moon?
Oona: Red!

B: I remember learning to read the crayola colour names as a child - Aquamarine, Dandelion and Shocking Pink - and later became fascinated by oil paint colour names too - Cadmium Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Viridian.  I just love the way they sound.

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