Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Story Behind Our Collections

Sisters Guild was born from inspiration given to us by our children and admiration for all the creators we have brought together in our boutique. A place of creativity and beauty whereby you are invited to discover along with us what we believe to be the classics of the new blossoming generation. With pieces to spark the imagination through enchanting creations, colour and shape for children and home. 
 We would like to introduce you to the designers and their collections. The reason we have so lovingly selected those we house. Above all it is the story of how we came to be.

 Fabulous, British and Feminine
Famed for their use of unique printed textiles and their signature flattering cut the wonderful designs of ilovegorgeous are playful and exquisite. These are clothes made to flow with a childs movement. Clothes for those with a love of fabric and detail: splashes of net, exquisite with sari fabric, retro with ric-rac. Classic, traditional, flattering silhouettes are made interesting with their trim or embroidery where a piece of silver vintage 70’s trim may be paired with white cheesecloth to make a funky sundress. They also use cotton voile, sheer viscose chiffon, nets and lace to produce their pretty delicate and feminine collections.
There is also a perfectly pretty knitwear range of classic cardi’s and fine jumpers….cotton for summer, cashmere for winter.
These are the designs you’ll see on the wonderfully dressed Notting Hillbilly girls. The clothing is girlie yet quirky, feminine and with a hint of vintage style. Each piece is a creation designed to make children feel gorgeous.

ilovegorgeous began in 2006 following an inspirational trip to India. A marriage was made between the two designers, Lucy Enfield and Sophie Worthington, and their love of hand blocked prints, silks and cottons and pretty trims. Fulfilling a dream to create clothing the two of them began by selling their designs out of their Notting Hill kitchen to friends. Though with the likes of Sam Taylor-Wood, Claudia Schiffer and Stella Tennant buying bundles of your clothing designs whilst sipping tea I guess with friends like these adoring your designs you get an inkling that it wouldn’t take much more to impress others too.
Having decided to take on the adventure a step further in 2007, Selfridges snapped up two thirds of their first collection and with other boutiques following in hot pursuit ilovegorgeous was fast becoming widely available to all of those who didn’t get an invite to their kitchen!

With my first daughter being born the same year (following an inspirational trip to an island in the Indian Ocean) my marriage had just begun and a new love of all things petite, feminine, fresh, delicate and down-right gorgeous had started. It wasn’t long before I fell head over heels with the ilovegorgeous collections. My discovery of the collection came just in time too. I was growing bored of the small variety of clothing for girls. There was a lot of pink but not much in the way of truly feminine pieces. There were bright colours with brash modern designs that disunited the girls with their most base of characteristics, I found it hard to find pieces that would wrap my daughter in the soft hues and delicate fabrics I wished for her.

Girls fashion is quite often the dictate of predictable stereotyped colours and cuts. I found that the clothing designs offered an array of pink in stiff fabrics and unflattering cuts with dedications to their love and adoration of daddy and fairies sprinkled upon them. Whilst of course pink comes in beautiful shades and whilst I agree that almost every girl I have ever met and known loves pink, and my goodness how much we love daddy and fairies. It is an inherent characteristic already heard loud and clear by our actions. Girls will always love their daddies, that’s what we do, we will believe in fairies but above all let us be girls and express it in our own indivdual way.

Girls are by nature beautiful creatures with whimsical dreams, charming grace and allured by fairytale magic, who love to skip and dance whose clothes should celebrate their femininity. Girls like the theatre of getting dressed, the transformation that can be felt through wearing particular colours or styles. The designers and founders of ilovegorgeous Sophie and Lucy understand that femininity is more than a colour. Femininity is about movement and grace.  We are rainbows of colour: we are petrol blue, we are mauve, we are emerald, we are sugar pink and rose, we are turquoise and gold and all those hues in between.

With ethereal chiffon and shirred bodices for ease of fit, sleeves are fluted or fluttery, straps are satin, dresses are adorned with delicate piping, hems are embellished with golden ric-rac, deep contrasting pockets all fuse together to create playful, pretty clothing that are a wonderful way for little girls to express themselves. They are symbols of their blossoming youth. A time of blissful innocence, fun and whimsical dreams.

Lucy and Sophie have been friends since they were 16 so when it comes to the two of them getting their beautifully creative minds together they are in sync. With six children between them they know what it takes to please a childs aesthetics and still be able to withstand the rigour of what a child will put her clothing through. Through a shared life and its experiences and through an understanding not just of fashion but of a childs femininity and flair, born from a passion to create beautiful clothing, these two have got it perfected.

My daughter Sophia has a love for clothes. Since she has been able to talk or pull on her own skirt she has enjoyed dressing herself and putting together her own style. I love that she has this connection to the way she feels and the way she dresses. Her wardrobe is very much her own, her own collections of wonderful pieces that allow her to express herself. She will frolic in the park wearing a Marie Antoinette dress with wellies or layer two skirts together and match with a delicate cardigan. I can see that she puts a lot of thought into it and by letting her decide what to wear she has a sense of freedom in who she is and she has an appreciation of fabric and tone. I want my girls to embrace their femininity. To celebrate it. To escape into it and enjoy all that it means to be a girl. I shall be sure to save some pieces too perhaps one day they will pass them onto their own girls. Sure to be classics of their generation and heirlooms celebrating femininity and youth.

 Thank heaven for little girls and thank heaven for ilovegorgeous.

Ilovegorgeous can count among its customer base fashion leaders such as Stella McCartney, Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Stella Tennant, Sam Taylor-Wood, Elle Macpherson and Thandie Newton as well as many stylish mums who want their kids to look and feel Gorgeous.

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