Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday Makery - Chandelier of colours

I'm a huge fan of decorating rooms and tables as part of celebrations. I have a huge collection of bunting which I love to pull out whenever the occasion arrives. A table will proudly house my favourite cake stands piled high with sandwiches and delicious cakes and slices of scrummies. Colourful plates and napkins add more colour and this chandelier made with seam binding is a beautiful touch to add colour simply by itself or amidst the bunting. Hang the chandelier above the table and adapt it according to occasion. Use sticky tape to temporarily fix paper cut butterflies or flowers to some of the strands to make it more fun, though simply with just a few alternating colours its a colourful elegant crown. For a bigger impact you could make two or three and hang them the length of the table. We hung ours above the table for Oona's birthday tea party and hopefully it'll be hung again for mothers day too.Though I'm quite reluctant to take it down as it adds such beautiful colour above our kitchen table.

 You'll need:
  • scissors
  • seam binding
  • a wire coat hanger
  • sticky tape 


Here's how:
  1. Take your wire coat hanger and unwind the twisted hook. Pull open the hanger and bend and shape it into a hoop. I used a metal tray to stretch and curve it round. The shape doesn't have to be perfectly smooth. I don't have the patience to get it perfect with no bumps and it doesn't show. 
  2. Using a strong piece of sticky tape to fix the ends so they slightly overlap.
  3. Cut your seam binding into double the length you desire the drop to be.
  4. Take a length of one of the cuts and tie it at the midpoint of the binding into a knot.
  5. Repeat, alternating the colours as go.
  6. To hang: take four equal lengths of the binding and tie, with equal distnace between them, knot together at the top and hang. 

There are more inspring things to make in our ideas and inspiration pages. This idea was inspired from here.


  1. such a beautiful and happy idea and colour combination...
    I like that a lot!
    Happy Monday sisters!

  2. Love the colours you've used and what a simple but effective idea. I share your love of bunting and flags and general over-the-top ceiling decorations!