Friday, 12 August 2011

An A-Z of Sisters Guild: W

  • a feeling of surprise and admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, or unfamiliar.
  • a person or thing that causes such a feeling.
    ■ [as modifier] having remarkable properties or abilities: a wonder drug.
  • feel curious; desire to know.
    ■ used to express a polite question or request.
  • feel doubt.
  • feel wonder.

This is part of our 'An A-Z of Sisters Guild published every Friday. See also A is for adventure, B is for bedtime, C is for colour, D is for discovery, E is for exuberance, F is for Feminine, G is for glorious, H is for home , I is for imaginative , J is for Joie de Vivre, K is for kin  ,L is for Love , M is for Maternal , N is for Nurture  O is for Oneiric , P is for Play , Q is for Quirky , R is for Restful, , S is for Style, T is for Twitter
, U is for Unique and V is for Vide

We also publish other series in our blog including our Monday Makery, Tuesday brings 'The  Story Behind Our Collections' inviting you to take a closer look at the designers we house and why we chose them for the Sisters Guild boutique.  Wednesday we show you our favourite seasonal pieces and Thursdays is dedicated to the 'Art of Living' in which we share ideas and inspiration from places to visit, things to see and articles about things that enrich our lives.

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