Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Story Behind our Collections: Lucky Boy Sunday

Lucky Boy Sunday feels like a friend or a place that you get really excited about seeing, knowing that it will make you smile like a breathe of fresh air.  When Carla & I established the Sisters Guild boutique we wanted to fill it with inspiring collections and Lucky Boy Sunday was a collection that kept beckoning us with it's creatures and cushions.  Then when we got to actually feel the pieces for real we just didn't want to let go of them.  The combination of the softest baby alpaca wool with the beguiling designs makes for such a unique collection that Sisters Guild is so proud to house and share with you.

Milk Magazine

Behind Lucky Boy Sunday are the talented and inspiring Danish designers Camilla and Camilla. We've had the pleasure of meeting one of the Camillas and we get the feeling she has a whole box of tricks and fun up her sleeves, someone you'd want to spend a long weekend with, or maybe just a sunny sunday.....the kind of sunday that 'the Camillas' came up with Lucky Boy Sunday.  In August 2007 ' We sat down on a bench one sunny afternoon near the lakes of Copenhagen; shaking hands and promising each other to create our own version of a child's realityAnd a feeling of lucky sunday should definitely be in these products together with edgy design and top of the pop quality.'

After that sunday in 2007 the girls 'danced into the afternoon signing' - and they've probably been dancing and signging since.  The inspiring duo now create two collections a year bringing the most imaginative and loveable soft characters and accessories into the world.

Their workspace was built around the framework of the words 'silly,' 'seriously,' 'joyful,' 'graphics,' and 'dreams.' Their entire collection speaks this promise in a language of design that is enjoyed by both child and grown up alike.

 One feels slightly transported to somewhere else when you the behold the Lucky Boy Sunday collection - is it the future, in some strange land where creatures can talk or in the past, in some childhood reverie.  Wherever it belongs it is ceratinly other-worldy, where things are combined that have never been together before - colours, shapes and expressions.  Lucky Boy Sunday is like a vision of a child who sees endless possibilities. Maybe that is what 'the Camillas' mean when they talk about creating 'their very own version of a child reality.'

Our own children have had so much fun creating stories around these characters:

Meet Bad Eye Lily:

Bad Eye Lily looks a little dizzy but that's not surprising she loves nothing more than twirling around in her pretty dress. She wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. Though I think she'll need a little more practise at her pirouettes first!

Meet Miss White:

Miss White adores kisses. With her heart shaped mouth she'll cover you with love. Oh and she loves to dance too. She's been trying to teach 'bad eye lily' her pirouettes though this often ends with dizzy dancing and falling over!

And here's some of the rest of the gang:

Each quirky little piece is made in Bolivia from 100% baby alpaca and non-toxic dyes. They are so soft this tactile quality makes them even more appealing - like long-lost friends you have to embrace!

And as mums who have practicality as well as imagination in mind we are grateful too that Lucky Boy Sunday pieces are all machine washable on a gentle wool cycle. So no matter how much they are hugged, cuddled with sticky fingers or journeyed around whilst bumping on the ground, you'll always be able to give them a clean.  Though they may resist with a gasp and a frown!

There's nulle, jealous baby, kiddo doll, blib blob, jazzman, bow jovi, miss white, bad eye lily, ready to become part of the family.  The names are ones that your own children may've come up with - perfect names for childhood friends, but ones for adults too who feel a nostalgia for the playthings of the past.  The pillows are designed to share a hug and a secret with: sad joe pillow, quiet kid pillow, favourite place pillow - they surely belong in grown-up spaces too! Plus some flap ear rattles who are looking for nothing more than a good shake from an enthusiastic baby!
Whilst some of these creatures have already been sent off on new journeys to new lands, we do have the AW11 collection arriving very soon.  We can't wait to greet them - they are the kind of creatures that you can only suspect must hold their very own party in the stock cupboard every night. You might just catch a wink from them as you open the box! 

Lucky Boy Sunday is surely set to become one the new classics for the blossoming generation - the generation that embraces the quirky, the edgy and the intimate. 

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  1. yep, agree... these are must have dolls ands cushions!
    thank you for another great insight post

  2. I bought the yellow house cushion from you a few weeks back and I love it. So does V and it shuffles between her cot and our sofa!