Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wednesday Woo: Japanese Paper Balloons

We have loved these paper balloons for a long time so it was inevitable that they would find their way into the Sisters Guild Boutique, from the lovely Petra Boase.

These creatures are very cute for a bedroom or for a children's party.  From £2.25 in the boutique here.

My favourite, more grown-up one is this flower ball:
image courtesy of Petra Boase

Made from bright, crisp environmental paper, they are a traditional paper balloon design from Japan . Each balloon comes flat and you simply blow in the hole to expand to its circular shape character .The balloons can be flattened and blown up over and over again.  A unique way to decorate and a lovely gift idea.

View the Japanese Paper Balloons collection here

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  1. wow! I love these I may have to purchase some for my friends little lad'ys 2nd Birthday - perfect for her bedroom and a great price! you never cease to inspire me!!! :)