Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday Woo: More Belle & Boo

More Belle & Boo has arrived in the boutique.  We love receiving our packages from Belle & Boo, and it's lovely to share these things with you...
I have a space on my own wall reserved for the Family Tree Poster.  I't's a great project to involve the children and gather some family photos to sit among the branches.  It comes in 2 sizes, Medium £16.00 and Large £30.00
The Boo Bag is now available in 3 sizes: Small Boo £12,  Large Repeat Print Boo £15, Large Boo £14.  They are made of heavy cotton canvas with a long red strap and they all come with a surprise badge. Adorable!
We couldn't resist the Lost Cut Out Card £3.00, from one of our favourite Belle & Boo art prints Lost.  It would make a lovely gift or a an extra special greetings card.

The Dress-Up Belle Set £6.00, is one of those well-loved old fashioned playthings - a cardboard Belle Doll to dress in some beautiful outfits.  She is the same size as the doll at the back of the Bubbles Before Bed book making it a lovely gift if the 2 are bought together.

Enjoy stepping into the whimsical world of Belle & Boo

This is part of our Wednesday Woo blog post series where we present a selection of our favourite things from the Sisters Guild Boutique.

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