Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wednesday Woo: The Circus is in Town!

The Sisters Guild boutique has a really colourful collection of circus themed decor & playthings - we're obviously very drawn in by the circus and animals! The perfect thing about a circus theme is that it's for boys and girls, ideal for siblings who share a room, and if you decorated a baby nursery in a circus style it would be decor they would also enjoy as a toddler and older child. Practical, colourful and magical too!

Circus Garland Flag by Maileg £31
Japanese Paper Balloons From £2.25
Faraway Circus Wall Stickers by Love Mae £75
Flap Ear Rattle Blue by Lucky Boy Sunday £32
Circus Toy Basket - Blue by Rice DK From £34.80
Circus Toy Basket - Pink by Rice DK From £34.80
Lion Rattle by Maileg £9.50
Big Birthday Clown by Maileg £71

This is part of our Wednesday Woo blog post series where we present a selection of our favourite things from the Sisters Guild Boutique.

We also have a Monday Makery with ideas for things to make yourself.

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